Ten Thousand

Spiritual Adventure Feature


A hero’s journey set in 2012, where Skye, a young college woman who is part Hopi Indian realizes that she is “the One” to bring hope to the world. She with the guidance of a wise elder named, Santiago, and the support of her friends, embarks on a wild and dangerous journey to bring the spiritual leaders from around the world together to the various energy vortexes in order to bring peace and harmony to the world and to give hope to the people, and thereby creating a new world of a higher consciousness.

Currently in pre-production and looking for partners to complete the team.  We have various levels of participation. If interested, contact us for details.

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Bonus Opportunity: www.ourspiritualadventure.com
Please send us stories about your Spiritual Revelations or Spiritual Journeys and if selected, your content could be a part of the film or posted on the website. * In order to be eligible for participation, you must sign a release. Materials sent to Strapped Entertainment will be treated as non-proprietary and non-confidential. You agree to allow Strapped Entertainment to use the materials submitted in any manner and for any purpose. Because Strapped Entertainment receives many submissions of content, Strapped Entertainment cannot be held liable if it produces content similar to yours but which has come from another source.