Snake Pit Credits
Directed and Produced by
Brandy Rainey and Kris Phipps

Director of Photography
S. B. Amstel

Written by
Brandy Rainey and Steve Barcik

Jamie Teer – Christy
Michelle Taylor – Lori
Chris Forsyth – Dan
Brant Bumpers – Bubba, red hillbilly
Gary L. Wimmer – Ike, gray hillbilly
Shelley Stelzer – Woman Bound

Genoka Thomassy – Assistant Director
Mark Hansen – Camera Operator
Steve Muccini – Camera Operator
Joel Ray – Camera Operator
Brian Rice – Key Set Production Assistant
Tanya Ortega – Script Supervisor
Paul Bhatia – Grip
Brant Bumpers – Grip
Dennis Meehan – Sound/Boom Operator
Hawgfly Productions – Special Effects Makeup Artist
Carolyn Ohara
Meredith Johns
Steve Ward – Stills Photographer
Dave Park – Production Assistant
Patty Abou-Samra – Production Assistant
Fernanda Gonzalez – Production Assistant
Tony Daugherty – Production Assistant
Martin King – Production Assistant
Austin Reptile Service – Snake Wrangler
Tim Cole

Second Unit
Brandy Rainey – Camera Operator
S.B. Amstel – Camera Operator
Joel Ray – Production Assistant

Edited by
Brandy Rainey and Kris Phipps

“Sweetest Denial”
Written and Performed By All Day I Drive
Music Copyright © 2005 ADID Publishing
All Rights Reserved

Written and Performed By Broken Teeth
Music Copyright © 2004 Killingbird Records
All Rights Reserved

We would like to offer a special thanks to Gear Rental, The Greenbriar Community, Austin Film Works, the Network Austin, and Reel Women.

We had so much fun with the cast and crew that we decided to shoot a short 3 minute bumper to “Snake Pit”.

Produced and Directed by
Brandy Rainey

Written by
Brandy Rainey and Steve Barcik

Joy Saxton – Brooke Ashton
Brian Rice – Jack Krane
Patricia Menz – Janet Westmore
Lawrence Roly Rolon – Deputy Dan Newcastle
Rachel Cofield – Little Girl #1
Julia Muccini – Little Girl #2
Shelley Stelzer – Tara Tessler
Tanya Ortega – Dead Body
Steve Barcik – Man Driving Truck

S.B. Amstel – Director of Photography
Steve Muccini – Camera Operator
Kris Phipps – Sound
Make-up Artist – Tara Cooper

Edited by
Steve Muccini