Count Back From Ten

Narrative Drama – Feature


The movie is set in present day Austin, Texas.  It is about an anesthesiologist, Dr. Paul Levins, that seems to have it all.  The big house, the cars, the boat, trophy wife and kids, yet he is unfulfilled.  And the pressures of having to perform for his job, for his patients, for his wife, for society are enormous.  In a surgery, he loses a baby and very nearly the mother, which leads him even further into a query about what life is for.  He is lead astray by his cynical colleague and explores a freer, more enjoyable, and seemingly different life with exotic dancers and drugs.  After a series of lapses in judgment and the unexpected delivery of a baby at a party, he realizes that the reason he became a doctor was to make difference for people and not for all of the things that money can buy.

Currently in preproduction and looking for partners to complete the team.